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About Us at Martin Atkinson Cars and Vans

The Atkinson family have been retailing motor vehicles in Lincolnshire starting with Martin's great grandfather in 1896 in Barton Upon Humber.

In 1969 a new showroom was built on Doncaster Road called Whites of Scunthorpe.  Martin's father, Russell Atkinson, worked for Whites of Scunthorpe selling Austin Rover and Triumph cars. 

This was then taken over by the Rocar Motor Group.  In 1980 Russell bought the showroom establishing Russell Atkinson Motors. 

Upon leaving school in 1982 Russell was joined by his son Martin making this the fourth generation of the family retailing vehicles in Scunthorpe.  

Since 2015 Martin has his two sons Toby and Harvey working for him making them the fifth generation of the family in the motor trade.



The Atkinson Family have been in the business from Cycles to cars since 1896.



Old newspaper adverts from our Scunthorpe Showroom